Insulation is a single of the most vital facets of an vitality-productive and cozy residence. As these, it is critical you guarantee you opt for the ideal insulation. Each and every dwelling improvement contractor and their dog will have a unique impression on the finest sort of insulation, but the truth is, what is most effective is subjective (and commonly based mostly on the type of supplies the contractor sells). We do factors a very little otherwise at Windows on Washington. We foundation our tips on our decades of encounter and benefits.

This article has been revealed for all those investigating the very best insulation alternatives,  exclusively concentrating on fiberglass unfastened fill insulation and every little thing you want to know about these insulation materials. All set? Let us dive in.

What is Fiberglass Loose Fill Insulation?

To start with matters initially: what is fiberglass unfastened fill insulation? Fiberglass is a pretty popular and preferred insulation materials owing to the truth it is low-cost, easy to set up, resistant to moisture harm, and non-flammable. You can invest in fiberglass pre-shaped as blanket batts and rolls, or you can get loose fill to make your individual insulating divisions.

Is Fiberglass Free Fill Insulation Dangerous?

A widespread dilemma we are asked about fiberglass loose fill insulation is if it is harmful. The actuality is, fiberglass is a perilous lung and pores and skin irritant, which is why you should often put on protective gear when handling it. You should really in no way make it possible for your bare skin to come into call with the material. That is not to say you ought to stay away from fiberglass free fill insulation, but rather just be very careful, and go away the installation to professional dwelling improvement contractors. 

Is Cellulose Insulation Far better than Fiberglass Loose Fill Insulation?

It is vital to notice that various insulation elements get the job done ideal in distinctive purposes all over the dwelling. When it will come to the ideal insulation for free fill in attics, we are typically questioned whether cellulose or fiberglass free fill insulation is very best. 

At WoW, we suggest borate only stabilized cellulose. Why? There are several good reasons:

  • Greater overall performance: The R-price of borate stabilized cellulose is considerably bigger in contrast to loose fiberglass crammed insulation.
  • Eco-pleasant: Cellulose is manufactured from recycled resources, making it the a lot more eco-friendly choice.
  • Pest-deterrent: In terms of pests, borates are 1 of the most effective insecticides for your home.
  • No VOC: Borate stabilized cellulose does not contain VOC (risky natural compounds) articles and does not offset gas like ammonium sulfate stabilized cellulose or formaldehyde containing fiberglass does.

Is there a draw back to making use of borate stabilized cellulose? Very well, it is generally a lot more costly than fiberglass free fill insulation, but the added benefits of making use of cellulose over fiberglass make it a worthwhile expenditure. 

When Should You Decide on Fiberglass Insulation?

Fiberglass free fill insulation is presently dominating the design housing market. Nevertheless, builders are at the moment below great tension to generate a beautiful new house, but at the similar time minimize prices and stay inside a particular spending plan. Should you completely steer distinct of fiberglass insulation? Not necessarily, but you must unquestionably be conscious of the adhering to: 

  • Fiberglass insulation does not effectively safeguard your residence from insects or pests.
  • Fberglass is a pores and skin and lung irritant.

Perhaps the largest worry when it comes to fiberglass insulation is that it is subject to convective air motion, which signifies it benefits in a significant degradation of the cumulative R-Value. 

Basically, it signifies although you as a home-owner have compensated for the Vitality Star encouraged R-49 in your attic, the real environmental general performance of unfastened fill fiberglass is much more like R-25 or a lot less when you will need it most.

Why WoW Chooses Cellulose Insulation Rather

At WoW, we feel picking the proper insulation should really be based on serious-lifestyle performance, and not what is most wallet-pleasant or what is most well-liked. That is why we use borate only cellulose for all of our unfastened-fill insulation jobs. Correctly installed cellulose insulation with qualified air sealing will eventually boost the comfort and ease of your household and significantly lessen your utility bills.

If you need to have assist with your up coming insulation job, get in touch with the WoW team right now for a no cost quotation. 

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