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Originating in 17th century Netherlands, Dutch doors are a trend on the revival in 2022. Adding warmth, rustic touch, and practical usefulness to a home, these doors have become a popular choice for iron door installations. In case you have been looking to renovate your house and install new steel doors, consider going Dutch! 

To help you with the decision, here’s everything you need to know about Dutch doors. In case you’re skeptical, we’ll also tell you why you should install a Dutch door in a modern American home.

What is a Dutch Door?

Dutch doors, also known as split doors, were first seen in the countryside of the Netherlands in the 17th century. Preferred by the Dutch people due to its functionality, practical aspect, and aesthetic appeal, the Dutch door was brought to the U.S by Dutch immigrants.

Till the 1800s, the Dutch doors were common, popular, and considered one of the best choices of entry doors in the U.S too. However, after the invention of flat-screen doors, Dutch doors were driven out of the trend.

Fast forward to 2022, iron doors in Dutch style have become increasingly popular once again. 

How Does a Dutch Door Work? 

A Dutch door is installed with a single hinge on which two different door panels are attached. The door panels are aligned on top and bottom and have a latch in the middle to connect the parts. The top half of the door can then open separately, while the lower half can remain locked. The horizontal opening allows homeowners to keep kids and pets inside and enjoy the view, fresh air, and sunlight.  

One thing that has to be considered with Dutch doors is to get them installed professionally. DIY videos that suggest converting regular doors into Dutch doors will leave you with improperly aligned and ugly-looking doors that may not be functional. 

What is the Best Type of Dutch Door? 

 Dutch doors were initially designed in wood. However, over the years designer, Dutch-style doors are made of steel or iron are much more popular. Iron doors offer a rustic charm to the curb appeal, while steel doors are known to be long-lasting. 

Benefits of Dutch Door

If you are looking to enhance your curb appeal or add an old-school touch to your interior design, Dutch doors are great for your home. 

Enjoy the Air

Dutch doors are great for people who want to enjoy the fresh air and natural light during the day. You can open the top half of the Dutch steel door and let the fresh air brighten your day and house. And if you want to be energy efficient and delay the use of air conditioning in summers, opting to install Dutch doors is a great way to let fresh air in. 

Stylish Dividers

Instead of getting traditional wooden dividers in rooms, which can be unattractive and sometimes impractical, go for a Dutch iron door to divide a big space. You can install a Dutch door to make a home office, closet, or partition to a bedroom. Or add it in the kitchen to keep pets and children outside while you keep an eye on them. 

Get Rid of Baby Gates

Baby gates are essential but often bring down the aesthetic appeal of the interior design. Get rid of the ugly-looking baby gates and install Dutch doors on the staircase, laundry rooms, and home office to keep the baby’s out effectively. At the same time, enjoy the style statement on the Dutch doors in your interior. 

And the Babies Stay Inside

For families with babies and pets, dealing with deliveries, neighbors, and just opening a door becomes a hassle as the little ones try to run out. Keep the babies inside and easily deal with the people outside by opening the top half of your Dutch iron door. 

Hire Professionals for Best Results

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Increase the curb appeal of your home with stylish iron doors and steel doors in Nevada today. 

Author Bio

The author is a Dutch-American interior designer based in Las Vegas, Nevada. The author offers consultancy and design services to homeowners in Nevada and regularly speaks at design conventions about changing interior and exterior décor and design trends.