Why does a household will need a roof? Or windows? Or doorways? The purpose and perform of these necessary residence options is fairly clear. Nevertheless, there are other important attributes of a dwelling whose intent is not so clear – like siding. Have you ever puzzled what particularly siding is? Or the advantages of siding to an strength efficient and relaxed dwelling? In addition – have you at any time been curious as to why vinyl siding is frequently touted as the best siding choice? In this posting, we will be covering what siding is, the function of siding, the gains of siding, and in individual, why you need to pick vinyl siding. 

What is Siding?

Siding is any product that addresses, guards or clads the exterior walls of a dwelling or household constructing. It is built from a variety of products, with some of the most frequent being vinyl, fiber cement, stucco, wooden and brick. 

The Objective of Siding

Siding has two primary functions: it shields your household from the features although retaining your property properly insulated and secondly, it presents your dwelling great control charm, and exclusive character and allure.

Why Siding is One particular of the Most Crucial Features of a Dwelling

With out effectively installed siding, drinking water can enter your house and result in significant destruction like mould or foundational problems. And, presented that several components contract and increase with fluctuating temperatures, siding is usually applied to go over the joints of your residence. If the joints are not thoroughly covered or sealed, and h2o or other kinds of precipitation like snow enter your home this can trigger intensive hurt.

Siding also plays a essential position in lowering your strength payments. If your household is not correctly insulated with helpful siding, your heating and cooling units will be functioning that considerably harder calendar year round, which inevitably will enhance your utility expenses. 

The Gains of Siding

  • Enhanced curb enchantment
  • Eco-helpful (if you select vinyl)
  • Good ROI thanks to power efficient character of vinyl siding
  • Lowers your utility bills
  • New siding can repair unseen structural problems in your residence

Why Opt for Vinyl Siding

The form of siding you pick out will rely on your demands, funds and aesthetic choices. However, we practically constantly advocate vinyl siding for new siding assignments for numerous causes. 

Not only is it a single of the most well-liked siding alternatives, it is also known for its ability to stand up to the elements, while also being equipped to properly mimic the look of other siding styles like stone, wood, and slate (and at a substantially additional price-efficient rate place).

Vinyl siding is the most power productive siding materials, primarily if paired with insulation siding, which provides yet another degree of insulation to your home. Vinyl siding by itself has an R-Price of .61, which is great, but if you want to genuinely increase your energy cost savings, you should really think about insulated siding. 

Advantages of Vinyl Siding:

  • Sturdy and usually incorporates a 25+ yr guarantee
  • Plenty of color options
  • Flexible in textural possibilities
  • Straightforward to clean
  • Frequently the most cost-effective possibility

Cons of Vinyl Siding:

  • Not water-proof (only h2o-resistant)
  • Can at times warp underneath intense temperature problems
  • You are not able to repaint it

Why Vinyl Siding is the Finest Selection for Maryland & Virginia Residences

Both equally vinyl siding and strengthened vinyl siding are exceptional choices for residences in Maryland and Virginia. This is generally because of to the point it can withstand extraordinary climate occasions, which these two locations are susceptible to all through the year. Blend this with its budget-friendly value issue, ROI and potential for included insulation during set up, vinyl siding is a single of the most effective selections. 


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