Have you ever wanted to add an elegant bar to your home? We bring you inspiration for a traditional home bar, featuring timeless wood finishes for a luxury look. Here’s what you need to know to get the look at home…

Why go elsewhere when you can entertain in style in the comfort of your own home! A home bar is the perfect spot to unwind with friends and enjoy a sundowner in your own space. A traditional wooden home bar also provides ample storage for your cherished drinks, glassware, trays and more. When choosing a bar unit, be sure to check that it offers you the storage capacity you need. Behind-the-counter space is important, but so too is a bar surface top where you can safely mix and pour to your heart’s content.

Solid wood furniture is timeless and will offer your home a warm and comforting feel for entertaining. Choose a bar unit that features solid wood and it will become a worthy investment in your interior.

Other items you need to consider for your traditional home bar:


Add bar stools to your entertainment space and create comfy spots around the bar where you can be seated without any cares. If comfort and style are important to you, choose seats with padded upholstery to create a cosy space. Simpler, wooden stools are just as functional but may not be as comfy.

Space for your wine collection

If you choose a smaller, more compact bar unit, you may want to invest in added storage for your wine and drinks collection. A wine cabinet is a wonderful addition to display your favourites. Topolansky offers a wide selection of wine cabinets to suit your style.

Add personality

Every entertainment space needs to reflect your own unique style and personality. Get creative with textiles and add a pop of colour to your room to make it your own. Traditional home bars are often moody – so opt for darker shades that can help create an intimate ambience at home.

Is there anything better than relaxing in your own home? Create a stylish home bar and shop the essentials at Topolansky.