Wicker can be made out of many different materials from natural vines and grasses to synthetic materials such as resin. If you are looking to furnish your outdoor areas with wicker furniture you must make sure that you are getting products made of resin. Resin is a manmade material that stands up extremely well when exposed to heat, frost, sun and rain, whereas furniture made out of natural materials such as rattan are beautiful but should only be used indoors because they will chip, crack and fade if exposed to the sun and rain.

Wicker furnishings have been created since 3000 B.C. but is was not until the early 1900’s that furniture builders started using synthetic materials to make more durable outdoor pieces. Also, with the creation of resin came the automated process of using machines to weave together beautiful pieces of furniture.

Imagine sitting on your porch in a beautiful resin wicker swing, enjoying some lemonade. These comfortable pieces of furniture will call to you every evening and will gently wash away the stress of the day. Whether you are looking for a set of rockers for your front porch or an entire wicker dining set, you can find so many options online. Not only do you have your choice of styles, but you can find pieces in the perfect color and weave to match your d├ęcor.

Wicker patio furniture is a really timeless style of furniture that has been around and will be around for many, many decades. There are ultra modern designs that can add the perfect touch to the most contemporary home all the way to the very traditional Victorian designs that are the perfect addition to almost any traditional style home. The best resin wicker furniture is made with aluminum framing so it will never rust if exposed to moisture.

If you ever need to clean your outdoor wicker you can feel free to hose it down, wipe it dry and set it in the sun to make sure that all the moisture is gone. And my favorite thing about this furniture is that I can change my cushions whenever I want to update the look of my patio.

Just make sure that if you are using your wicker outdoors it should be made of synthetic materials and not natural ones that may disintegrate if exposed to the sun and rain. You can find this type of wicker furniture at online stores like PatioShoppers.com and Target.com

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