15 Modern Dining Room Ideas


Much like the kitchen, dining room is also the heart of any house where families enjoy quality time. With just a few touches here and there, the entire area can be transformed into a personal space for intimate family meals or a welcoming room for the guests. Whether you are completely remodeling your dining room or making small changes, or just gearing up for a big dinner, here are some dining room décor ideas that will simply make you go wow. 


Make a Statement with Modern Dining Room Sets

You can now add a contemporary look to your dining area with modern dining table and chairs. UAE brands like WOODGreen offer a range of styles, materials, and sizes that can easily compliment any area. From sleek black and white designs to copper and metal, and classic solid wood, the options are plenty. Central pedestal tables maximize legroom and are a perfect fit in small apartments and houses. Extending dining tables effortlessly accommodate extra seating and come with stylish variations. Mahogany dining table can be a center point for your dining room which custom made chairs, and matching console. High glass glossy dining tables are perfect for roomier spaces, adding chicness to the area. 


Timeless and Unique Dining Chairs 

Make your dining area more elegant and comfortable with contemporary dining chairs. Look for the best dining chairs online stores and take your pick from neutral colors, different industrial materials like copper, brass, and metal, classic solid wooden chairs, and accent chairs. Make your dining room feel like family all year round with comfortable cushioned upholstered chairs. For a more formal area you can always choose rich fabric like velvet, leather, or suede. You can go all out with extravagance and indulge in gold colored dining table with gold and brass chairs, accentuated by hanging ceiling light.


Embrace Colors and Textures to Elevate Your Dining Room 

For a cozier look replace white walls with neutral-colored walls or even bold shades. You can also experiment with pastel hues, mix-matching traditional dining room with retro. Upgrade your existing dining chairs with new upholstery, going for a completely new shade, adding throw pillows for texture. Match dark wood table with contrasting chairs, either going for bold prints, patterned upholstery, or bright colors. 


Accessorize Your Dining Room 

The right accessories and accents can transform any dining room without you having to make major upgradations. Centerpieces on dining tables can become a focal point and give the room an edge. Modern flower arrangements, candles, and accent pieces can give a whole new look to the room. Corner tables, side cabinets, and consoles not just provide storage but can be used to decorate the dining room. Add classy glassware, decoration pieces, candlestands, vases, and picture frames to make the room stylish.

Whether you’re on a big budget or can only make small alterations, choosing the right fabric, lighting, colors, and accessories can simply transform your dining room into a designer spaces.