Live green screen software is an important tool for any movie maker or photographer, whether you’re a professional or just someone who likes to play around with editing their home videos or photos. There are many people who feel intimidated to use Chroma Key or Green Screen because they think it’s too difficult or complicated to apply on their work. However, that’s completely false because the Chroma Key process is actually pretty easy to use and doesn’t require expensive and complicated equipment. All you basically need is your own camera, backdrop, chroma key lights and green screen software.

The live green screen software phenomenon has swept its way for the past decades and has only grown increasingly popular. With blockbuster movies which are largely dependent on the Chroma Key process to make their movies into life like ‘in your face’ big productions. It is also credited to cutting back production costs by allowing directors to film within their studios instead of expensive locations in other countries. The same thing can be applied to anyone who wants to use this technology for home use. You will invest a little on some equipment, but in the long run it will serve you well on your projects.

Besides the live green screen software, you should invest on good equipment as this will aid you in the long run and not cause problems that may affect your work. There are two different kinds of screen studio kits in the market; (whether it’s green or blue) a thin material who has more sheen or the matte one with thicker padding.

The latter is better because it has fewer wrinkles and will not affect your image background during the editing process and not only that, but it also absorbs light better. The shiny material allows the light to bounce off towards your subject and may cause some light spillage. You can either use a green or blue screen, but green is widely used because it is not commonly found on the human body.

Another important and crucial part when using your Chroma Key process is your lighting system. Your chroma key lights should be placed on both sides of your screen and not directly towards your subject as to not cause light spill and angle your lights downward. In the past lighting produced higher temperatures making it quite uncomfortable with the actor to work in.

Today, the lighting system, produces less heat is light weight and is more energy savings. What you will be able to produce with the live green screen software will give your work a more polished and professional look, and if you are using Chroma Key process in your business it will increase sales almost immediately.

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