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Eclectic, traditional, modern – what is your interior design style? With a multitude of styles and the possibility of being drawn to more than one, it could be difficult to pinpoint yours. That’s where an interior design style quiz comes into play. Read on to learn how to find your interior design style!

How to Find Your Interior Design Style – 3 Ways

Interior design style quiz results - contemproary style by Decorilla designer Darya N.

Interior design style quiz results – contemporary style by Decorilla designer Darya N.

First things first, let’s get the nitty-gritty out of the way. There are more ways than one to determine your interior design style. Nevertheless, research, a thorough interior design quiz, and professional assistance top our list.

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1. Take an Interior Design Style Quiz

Contemporary lounge - interior design style quiz - Nicole Franzen

Finding your home decorating style can come easily. With a home decor style quiz, you have quick and easy access to your personal preference. However, not all of these short quizzes are created equally. A quality interior design style quiz should offer some explanation of your interior design style results or how to incorporate the look into your home. Furthermore, the questions should be straightforward or stick to a simple series of images where you select the ones you are drawn to. 

Pros of an Interior Design Quiz

  • Fun and interactive
  • Easy online access
  • Results within minutes
  • Free

Cons of an Interior Design Quiz

Tip: It’s important to know that your style can be a combination of two or more styles. Taking interior design style quizzes can help designers really pinpoint your preferences because sometimes a personal style has no name!

2. With Interior Design Professionals

How to find your interior design style - Sonia C.

Styles of an interior design quiz by Decorilla designer, Sonia C.

For a more reliable option than an interior design style quiz, leave it to the professionals. Interior designers keep up with emerging styles as well as research old and current styles. As such, they can pinpoint your style with all its facets effectively.

Pros of an Interior Designer

  • Accurate style result
  • Insights on how to implement the style

Cons of an Interior Designer

  • Takes longer than a quiz
  • Might not be free

3. Through Personal Research

Rustic interior for a home decor quiz - Elle Decor

An alternative to external options is self-research. You’ll come across many a decorating style quiz in your search. They can certainly guide you to which styles to read more on. However, trying to find your style without insights limits the accuracy of your result.

Pros of Research

  • Free
  • You can be as thorough or brief as you like

Cons of Research

  • Time-consuming
  • Accuracy is not guaranteed

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Types of Interior Design Styles 

Determine your interior design style - Wanda P

Interior design styles by Decorilla designer, Wanda P.

From wildly maximalist or clean minimal, interiors come in all shapes and sizes. Finding your decorating style starts with an understanding of the basic design styles. When you know the characteristics of each, it’s easier to get to the core of your look.

Modern Interior Design Style

Home decor quiz - Modern interior - Nathalie I

Home decor quiz styles by Decorilla designer, Nathalie I.

Modern design has the minimal aesthetic of the early 20th century. Their clean lines relate to a focus on practicality and honoring the craftsmanship that goes into furniture design.

Contemporary Interior Design Style

what is my decorating style - contemporary - mladen c

Bedroom in contemporary home decorating style by Decorilla designer, Mladen C

Contemporary design is everything new and now. The present-day look is definite lines with an exploration of form and materials. Alongside sculptural furniture, lighting design features heavily in contemporary design.

Rustic Interior Design Style

A home decor quiz style - Rustic interior by Liana S

Rustic style by Decorilla designer, Liana S.

Bring on logs and distressed paintwork! Rustic interior design is all about keeping it natural and casual. Stone, wood, and worn leather are the highlights of this no-fuss style. 

Transitional Interior Design Style

What is my interior design style - Transitional Design - Rachel H

Transitional design by Decorilla designer, Rachel H.

The best of both, transitional design is a combination of traditional and modern elements. Here you’ll find modern and sleek lines paired with the coziness of traditional textiles.

Glamour Design Style

Decorating style quiz option - Glam - Mladen C

Glam interior by Decorilla designer, Mladen C.

If you like mirrored surfaces and all things luxurious, glam interior design is your fit. This highly ornamental style is a sleek mix of metallic finishes and sumptuous textiles, like faux fur and velvet. Of course, don’t forget the latest designer furniture trends also tend to feature.

Mid-Century Modern Interior Design Style

Interior design style quiz - Mid century modern - Michelle B

Mid-century modern design by Decorilla designer, Michelle B.

Like modern, mid-century design also keep to simple lines and minimal ornamentation. That said, this style has more flare with curved furniture and more colorful fabric choices. Here, decoration is more dynamic but restrained in wood, glass, and plastic pieces.

Eclectic Interior Design Style

Interior design style quiz possibility - Eclectic - Casey H

Eclectic design by Decorilla designer, Casey H.

Something of everything, delivered in a neatly curated package – that’s eclectic interior design. This style borrows from other design periods to form a bespoke and lively interior full of personality. 

Traditional Interior Design Style

Decorating style quiz - Traditional interior - Lori D

Traditional interior design style by Decorilla designer, Lori D.

Formality and opulent forms reign in a traditional home. This style takes inspiration from the 18th and 19th centuries with their lavish ornamentation and symmetry. Here you’ll find historical design elements set against a neutral but warm backdrop.

Beach Interior Design Style

Interior design quiz option - Beach Design - Ibrahim H

Coastal interior by Decorilla designer, Ibrahim H.

Bright and blissful, beach interiors have an air of lazy summer holidays. The coastal style features plenty of natural light and soft shades of white and blues. Furniture tends to be contemporary with a focus on natural materials, like wicker and jute.

Interior Design Style Quiz Must-Haves

Find your decorating style - Drew F

Interior design quiz style by Decorilla designer, Drew F.

For an interior design quiz to be accurate (and enjoyable!), it needs the following few elements.

Photos vs Text 

A picture is worth a thousand words. And it easily says more than a description ever could. For this reason, it’s important to go with picture-rich quizzes if you want to find your design style. This way, there will be no uncertainty when it comes to the look you love.

contemporary kitchen - interior design style quiz - Nicole Franzen


The less fuss, the better. A quiz should be easy to understand and follow. Not only are pictures and descriptions important, but the flow of questions is also vital. As soon as there’s a clunky, overcomplicated chunk of info, we tend to lose interest. That’s not very helpful when trying to find your style. Stick to simplicity, above all else.

Traditional - interior design quiz - HG

Clear Results 

Like simplifying, sticking to clear results is crucial in any interior design style quiz. After all, this is what each question leads up to; the big reveal – your style. That said, the result must be thorough, descriptive but to the point. 

Best Questions to Find Your Design Style 

Home décor quiz - Contemporary Design - Mladen C

Find your interior design style like this one by Decorilla designer, Mladen C.

Asking “what is my design, decorating, or home style?” is a good start, but some questions will get you further. These are straightforward but essential things to tick off your decorating style quiz. 

Modern minimal - interior design quiz - AD Mag

How much color do you like in your rooms?

Styles are color-sensitive. If you like a colorful interior, for instance, it will exclude certain styles, like modern and coastal design. On the other hand, certain styles, like eclectic design, flourish with color.

What type of furniture do you find appealing?

A mid-century modern Barcelona chair, for instance, would be wholly out of place in a rustic interior. For this reason, knowing your furniture likes and dislikes can steer you into the right direction.

Find your design style - Eclectic rustic interior - The Spaces

What materials are you drawn to?

As each style has its characteristics, they will have a specific set of materials that feature more than others. If you like natural materials, for example, it’ll be safe to say a glam or traditional interior is not for you. However, country and rustic design would make a better fit.

How do you want your home to feel?

Some styles are cozy and inviting, while others are formal and chic. So, be mindful of the atmosphere you want in your home at the end of the day.

A home decor quiz is a great start. But if you want a thorough breakdown of your style or assistance to pull off the look at home, get in touch. Schedule a Free Interior Design Consultation to get started with award-winning interior designers today! 

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