Induction cookers are faster, more energy efficient and safer than gas burners and traditional electric ranges. No open flame and no heat is lost to the air and keeping the surrounding around the cooker safe and cool.

Induction cookers are faster and more energy-efficient than traditional gas burners. Additionally, the risk of accidental burning is diminished since the gas burner itself only gets marginally hot (due to heat conduction down from cookware), allowing direct contact with a reduced chance of harm. Also, no heat is lost to the air directly from the gas burners, keeping the kitchen containing the cooker cooler.

Do you know…?

Cooking food at home may have just gotten safer and easier, thanks to the help of an induction cooker that controls and intensifies heat using electromagnetism. However, this is no new phenomenon. Induction cooking has been around for decades but until recently never made it past a restaurant’s kitchen.

The secret of induction has actually been around in scientific laboratories for some time, but for other uses besides cooking. Excite a magnetic material with a magnetic field and you get heat. As long as you use cookware with a magnetic property, such as steel, iron or other magnetic material, the induction cooker will transfer energy directly into the material and not into space or the surrounding cooker.

Some of the key advantages are:

SAFER – There is no open flame, red-hot coil or other radiant heat source to ignite fumes or flammable materials. This also helps prevent burns in the kitchen.

FASTER – Because energy is directly transferred within the pan metal, induction heating is extremely fast – even faster than gas!

CLEANER – With no grates or carbon build-up to worry about, cleaning up is a breeze. Just use a damp cloth and wipe over the smooth, easy-to-clean ceramic glass surface.

COOLER – Because gas ranges produce unused heat that goes into your kitchen, increasing your cooling costs. With induction, almost no wasted heat is produced since all the heat is being generated within the pan itself.

CHEAPER – Because 90% of every dollar you spend on energy goes right into the pan! Gas delivers 55% of the energy you pay for to the pan and traditional electric about 65%. Plus, when you remove the pan from the induction surface, the unit immediately goes into standby mode, using virtually no energy whatsoever.

EVEN HEATING – Because the magnetic material within the cookware heats at the same level uniformity, there can be no hot spots. The electronic monitoring pan maximizer feature allows maximum heating of any induction compatible pan. Even the least expensive pan will receive the same amount of heat energy from the induction cooker.

Combined with the physics of good technology, you get a great cooker. Its temperature control microprocessor, just beneath the glass, allows you to set the temperature you wish to cook at. It monitors at 120 times per second and cycles itself on and off to maintain the desired temperature. Hands-free cooking!

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