Many people have nightmares about working with contractors who do a poor job. It can be very frustrating and stressful to work alongside a contractor that has not done its job properly. A bad roof job can cost you extra time and money. You can address a problem with your roof and have it repaired quickly by a professional roofer. These are the top signs that your roof job was not done correctly.

The Signs of Damaged or Missing Shingles

Sometimes, a sign that your roof was not done properly is missing shingles or damaged shingles from storms.

Stains on Your Roof

You may have noticed black stains on your roof. This is an indicator that there has been mold growth. Look for leaks in the areas near the roof’s top.

Wear a pattern that is not even

You may notice wear on your roof that is not consistent with the standard. This could indicate that your roof was installed incorrectly. Do you see a part of your roof that is worn or damaged? This could be because the contractor used older materials or installed them incorrectly.

You should review your contract to see if you’ve received poor roofing work or noticed signs of trouble soon after the job was completed. It’s possible to get a refund or a chance to repair your roof if there are warranties or terms in your contract.

We can repair any roofing problems that you might have had, whether your contractor refuses to make repairs or you are unable.

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