How To Clean Unfinished Wooden Floors

how to clean unfinished wood floor

If you have unfinished wood floors you know how tough it can be to hold them cleanse and tidy. Since when your wood isn’t concluded, it truly gets a magnet for a array of distinctive stains, marks and other debris, appropriate? But you can’t clear it the exact way you would clean up a completed wood ground due to the fact it’s significantly way too fragile for that. So what do you do? Well, if you want to understand how to clean unfinished wood floor you have to have to take a glance at this course of action.

What You Will need to Get Began

The very first thing in studying how to clean up unfinished wooden floors is figuring out the equipment that you need to have in order to retain that wooden floor in suggestion-major condition. Mainly because it is unfinished you will need some a little bit distinctive factors than with a completed wood flooring and some equivalent ones.

  • Broom and Dustpan – Just like any other hard floor flooring you may have in your home you will occasionally need to have to sweep up grime and particles. You need a broom and dustpan to help with this and make guaranteed you’re likely to have the surface area of the flooring clean.
  • Wood Floor Cleaner – A little wood floor cleaner can assistance you get up some of that last little bit of grime that gets stuck in the floor and make them look shiny at the similar time. Just make absolutely sure it’s authorized for unfinished floors.
  • Trisodium Phosphate – This is a liquid chemical which is truly fantastic at receiving rid of stains in your wooden. It is really concentrated having said that, so you will want a white rag and some distinct h2o to go alongside with it so you can clean up up following it’s carried out its work. This also desires a scrub brush.
  • Mineral Spirits – Yet another choice for cleaning your floors is mineral spirits, which in fact doesn’t consist of any chemical substances at all and will assist to get out stains very easily. This is actually safer for your flooring, your family members and your animals. You will also need a rag for this but you will not have to have drinking water to clean it back off.
  • Sander – A fantastic sander can acquire out unquestionably just about anything mainly because you are truly having rid of the broken wood completely. You are going to want to be thorough with this choice, nonetheless, simply because you could stop up with obvious marks.

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And We’re Off to the Races: How To Cleanse Unfinished Wood Flooring

Move 1

Very first, you want to test and get any filth or debris off the surface area. You can start out by just working with a broom and dustpan to sweep up what ever is sitting on leading of the flooring so you can see what type of stains you’re really dealing with just before you soar in as well rapidly with chemicals or everything else that could most likely lead to additional hurt.

Phase 2

Get some wooden cleaner that’s safe for use on unfinished floors and dilute it with water to the package deal requirements. At the time you have accomplished that you can scrub your flooring thoroughly with the combination and make sure that all the liquid arrives up at the conclude as as well considerably dampness can harm unfinished floors.

Phase 3

If the stain is however there it’s time to use a very little little bit distinct strategy, mineral spirits are typically the best option for you since they really do not have chemical substances but they do a excellent career when it comes to receiving out stains. Just pour a minor on a rag and then use it to wipe the place that has a stain. In most instances, this is likely to be all you will need to get the stain out and you will not have to use water or everything else to get up the mineral spirits possibly.

Phase 4

If you nonetheless just cannot get the stain up you may possibly want to look at applying trisodium phosphate. This is a rather excellent alternative for having stains out of just about just about anything, and primarily wood. You want to make confident you are very careful about this just one on the other hand, since it is a potent chemical. You want to put just a small little bit right on to the stain in your ground.

Action 5

Scrub the trisodium phosphate deep into the grain utilizing a scrub brush. You have to have to get it as deep into the wood as you can so that you can get almost everything out and not have anything still left when you’re finished.

Phase 6

Use thoroughly clean drinking water to rinse everything left of the option off the ground. You never want it to stay there and proceed to soak in. You want it solely cleaned off with h2o so preserve flushing it out until eventually the drinking water does its position.

Action 7

Wipe up just about every bit of dampness with your rag. You don’t want to go away anything at all behind since the liquid can hurt your wood floors, primarily if they do not have a complete or any kind of sealant on them since it commences functioning its way deeper and further into the floor.

Stage 8

If you nonetheless have a mark that won’t arrive out you can look at sanding it down. A modest piece of sandpaper may possibly be enough for a scaled-down mark or you could require a significant electrical sander. Use it very carefully for the reason that you really do not want to sand off much too substantially exactly where you will be equipped to observe that it is various. You just want to get the layer that holds the stain in it, which must be near to the prime. Make positive you really do not go as well much down and that you don’t leave any rough edges while you’re sanding.

Step 9

Sweep once more to get rid of the dust left at the rear of by your sander. You are now ready to delight in your wood floors again and there’s no much more stain. How’s that for how to clean unfinished wood flooring?


All-in-all, it’s not that tough to figure out how to clear unfinished wooden flooring. You just need to have to have a few alternatives lying around the home, and you likely by now do. So take a few minutes to test them out on your own and make absolutely sure that the future time you get a stain or mark on your ground, you are prepared to go. It is actually pretty simple to determine out how to clear unfinished wooden floors.

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