If you’re a single of individuals who like to choose care of items by you, you could want to know how to clean a painted deck with a electrical power washer. Just like most house advancement assignments, it is important to discover the suitable methods for ability washing your atlanta dwelling. Otherwise, your deck could close up wanting even worse than when you started off. Instead than skipping ahead and assuming you know everything now, these steps will demonstrate you how to prevent blunders that could damage a painted floor.

cleaning deck with power washer

What NOT To Do When Electric power washing a Painted Deck!

Cleansing a painted deck can be a true pain. You have to be mindful not to destruction the paint and the deck’s surface, which is not generally uncomplicated. The appropriate course of action will make all the difference. If you adhere to these methods, you’ll get a good final result!

  • Really don’t use a electrical power washer with also significantly stress. This will cause harm to your deck and may perhaps also spoil your paint job.
  • Don’t use abrasive cleaners or chemical substances on your deck unless of course specifically designed. This will also result in scratches and other injury that can wreck your deck’s end.
  • Do not use any tension washer extras that are not specially made for cleaning decks (these kinds of as nozzles).
  • You may be tempted to get this performed as promptly as probable, but speeding will only induce more difficulties. Choose your time and follow the actions beneath thoroughly.

How To Power wash a Painted Deck and Not Harm the Paint

If you use a energy washer to thoroughly clean your deck, you could possibly be fearful about harming the paint. But with the appropriate gear and cleansing method, you can properly energy clean a painted deck devoid of harmful the paint.

What You Require

You’ll need a force washer, a yard hose, a deck brush, and moderate dish soap. We endorse working with our Force Washer Cleaning Kit.

Action 1: Clean up Your Deck With Soap and H2o Very first

Just before force washing your deck, clean it with soap and water to eliminate any filth or stains from the surface. Use a backyard hose with gentle dish soap to spray down all surfaces of your deck. Be certain to rinse off all cleaning soap residue just before moving on to action two.

Action 2: Secure Plants and Fences With Tarps

If your deck is connected to one more structure (these kinds of as a fence or home), guard those people parts with tarps before starting up since they’re a lot more probable to get hit by stray drinking water droplets when you’re tension washing your deck. Spot tarps above crops and fences so they don’t get soaked throughout cleaning time if important, tape them in location with masking tape, so they really don’t blow absent in the course of winds or storms.

Stage 3: Very low Stress

The best way to electric power clean a painted deck is to use a soft nozzle and low stress to prevent your deck from currently being weakened.

Step 4: Broader Spray

Not only will you use reduce stress, but the spray ought to be broader and much less direct and harsh.

Step 5: Backyard garden Hose

If you have a big deck, it’s most effective to energy clean it with a backyard hose and nozzle.

Step 6: Correct Tip

Use a delicate spray suggestion on your hose or a water-strain washer with a comfortable spray idea, these as just one intended to thoroughly clean automobiles.

Step 7: Top rated Down

Commence at the top of the deck and work your way down so that the strain isn’t coming right on the paint.

Move 8: Little Sections

Perform in small sections, then go on to larger sized sections as you attain self esteem in how considerably tension you can use with no harming the paint end.

The Better Choice

The greatest way to use a energy washer on a painted deck is to have a qualified do the work. They have knowledge performing with no stripping the paint, and they know how to clean up and guard your deck’s finish thoroughly.

Although you can do the get the job done your self, choosing a professional is a lot less trouble. They can established up, clean up up, and break down far a lot more immediately than Do-it-yourself, as well as you won’t threat energy washing off paint. If you do the do the job and “mess up,” you may well need to have to just take on a substantially larger challenge of electrical power washing off ALL the paint.