With spring comes the longing for a refreshed home. Whether you accomplish this with some spring cleaning or you’re looking for some beginner-friendly home décor tips, a spring spruce is always a good idea.

Look no further for our top home décor tips for beginners so your home will look like it’s been professionally designed.

These tips and tricks are also great if you’re thinking about listing your home for sale this spring! Home décor and interior design are essentially staging if you’re in the real estate market. Most real estate professionals agree that a staged home sells faster and for a higher price. If you don’t feel confident enough to fully do-it-yourself stage your home after reading our top tips, think about hiring a professional who will bring a design to your space to showcase all it has to offer.

Hang art

Completely barren walls look unfinished and lacking in design. A great place to start when wanting to add some home décor into your space is by hanging art on your walls and doing so at the correct height. One of the biggest amateur moves when hanging artwork on your walls is hanging the pieces too high.

If there is no furniture under the artwork, the center of the art should sit at eye level or around 57-inches from the floor. If you’re going for a gallery wall, the center of the entire arrangement should sit at eye level. (Another top tip for gallery walls is to be sure that there is two-to-three inches in between each piece of art to avoid a cluttered appearance).

Spice things up

When upgrading furniture in a space, don’t be too uniform with your selections. A matchy-matchy furniture set lacks interest and design status. Instead, coordinate your furniture pieces, but don’t match them directly. For example, if your end tables are square, try going for a similar wood tone for the coffee table but select a round one for added interest. Choosing furniture with a little character, be it vintage or new, is an instant way to up your home décor style.

Three is key

If you’re looking to accessorize a shelf or your mantle, a good rule of thumb for beginners in interior design is to group items in sets of three. Odd numbers always look best in groupings!

Also consider varying the height of your décor pieces by elevating some in creative ways. Maybe include a small cake stand to lift one of your candlesticks. Grab a pretty vintage box for interest and added height to some items. You really can have fun with decorating shelving, and keeping things grouped in three’s is a great way to be sure you’re not overdoing the design.

Bring light Another great way for beginners to add some home décor to their space is by upgrading your lighting. You can accomplish this in many ways. Think about adding a statement lamp, hanging a light-reflecting mirror on the wall, or upgrading window coverings to something airier and brighter to allow for more natural light to come in. However you decide to make this change, added light in a space is never a bad thing.