Fortunately, there are many things you can do to ward off yeast infections in the first place. One home remedy for yeast infection is simply to drink good quality, fresh green tea everyday. Organic green tea would even be better. Also, limit the amount of sweet you eat. Candida breeds even more profusely when you ingest a lot of sugar.

Green tea is a known natural remedy for yeast infection. It is because polyphenols in green tea have been shown to inhibit many other bacteria capable of causing infections.

Green tea protects against disease-causing microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract. It also promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestine.

Other than making sure you drink quality green tea everyday, another home remedy for yeast infection is to make sure that you don’t create a breeding ground for bacteria. Always keep yourself dry. Tight fitting clothes does’t allow for good air circulation. Use cotton or other natural fibers. Limit your use of lycra spandex, leather, and other fabrics that don’t breathe.

Sugar can cause chronic yeast infections. Use brown sugar or honey, instead. They take longer to break down in your body, thereby lessening the amount of circulating blood sugars.

Avoid foods that are “yeasty” such as bread, mushrooms, and alcoholic beverages. Studies have shown that avoiding these types of foods for three to six months will often notice a significant improvement.

Avoid bubble baths, scented tampons, colored toilet paper, and products with dyes, perfumes, and other chemicals that can irritate vaginal tissues. Use unscented, white toilet paper instead.

Another great natural remedy for yeast infection is to eat a live-culture yogurt.

Keep stress under control. It’s true! Stress can cause or aggravate your condition. Drinking warm green tea before you start your day and throughout the day, will not only clean your whole system but provide a very relaxing mood as well.

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