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elysium spa treatment area with plants and person walking towards sauna

Significantly less actually is additional when it arrives to the inside structure of the Elysium Spa in Bratislava. Thoughtfully intended by Slovakia-centered studio GRAU Architects, Elysium Spa’s minimalist interior would make house for only the finest of specifics. With a title inspired by Greek mythology — elysium translates to island of the blissful — the spa is a secure haven for individuals attempting to escape from the visible busyness of the town. Inside the spa, a notable absence of bodily features breaks down the barrier involving the system and mind, making it possible for patrons to quickly slip into a meditative state on getting into the area.

spa with blue tile flooring white walls and indoor plant with glass ceiling
close up of blue tile flooring with white walls

Deep blue ceramic flooring tiles reference Bratislava’s Grössling, a historic site in which guests would go through processes that purified the system and soul. The blue tiles also mimic the calming consequences of flowing h2o — generating for a best put to sit back again and meditate. The array of skylights previously mentioned cast a natural light that moves during the working day and variations with the seasons, making a special ambience for every single patron.

Elysium Spa main area with white walls and blue tile flooring with plant decor
elysium spa daytime natural lighting white wood interior

The Elysium Spa inhabits the basement of a historical building, of which GRAU Architects have preserved the initial brick vaulted ceiling in their structure. The conclusion to keep this unique layout aspect is an homage to the architectural history of Bratislava and to honour the architectural information utilized in related spaces. The uncovered brickwork also serves as a reminder of the building’s structural power, which has been repurposed as a good, grounding and protective element for people on the lookout for shelter from the stresses of the outside the house planet.

spa concrete steps and hallway
spa interior with concrete steps and blue tile bar with white bar stools

The concrete staircase leading into the open up lounge spot is also initial to the constructing. The black varnished partitions in the entryway contrast the vivid whites identified through the area and show that the spa-goer’s symbolic transformation commences the instant they action within the house. Customized-created ash veneer wood tables and stools present areas for repose when taking up as little physical and visual house as possible in the lounge.

elysium spa lifestyle image man in a towel walking out of sauna barefoot
Elysium Spa man in sauna relaxing light brick ceiling and white walls

There’s very little rather like destressing in a heat sauna, and GRAU Architects have strategically executed the excellent golden-hued lighting in the just one at Elysium Spa. The gentle rods are uniquely placed beneath the benches, concealing the light-weight supply, and when combined with the warmth of the sauna, the mild they emit resembles the glow of the sunshine. This novel lighting influence underlines Elysium’s overall personal ambience and that enables it to be additional than just a spa but a space for therapeutic.

lifestyle man in towel in spa opening glass door

GRAU Architects’ Elysium Spa is undeniably the great house to escape from the outside earth, and consider a minute to sit back again and take it easy. The spa brings jointly a plethora of all-natural factors to build the utmost calming experience.