Warts off in a pure and disappear spontaneously and are caused by a virus. If you want to get rid of warts, there are many methods available to you. As you already know, warts are considered very unattractive and are annoying to live with. The good news is there are many natural methods which you can use to remove warts from your body. Many of these effective natural methods can be found online. Below we are going to look at a few of these methods which you can use to remove warts.

Taking garlic pills twice per day can effectively remove warts. For two weeks minimum, take a garlic capsule twice every day. After about a week your warts will start to peel off but continue to take the capsules twice a day until the wart is completely gone. This method requires little to no effort and there’s no pain involved, so it is a very popular cure.

Using duct tape is another popular method to remove warts. By applying a small strip of duct tape to the wart once a day and then removing it after the day is over you can effectively stop the wart from spreading. Not only that, but you can actually peel off a piece of the wart each time you remove the duct tape. Continue putting duct tape over the wart everyday, and removing it until the wart is gone. There is minimal pain associated with this method and it is very affective.

If your goal is to get rid of warts, then using one of these natural methods is a great idea. They are less painful compared to surgery, or using a topical medication and they cost almost nothing.

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