One of the liveliest resort communities on the Costa del Sol is Torremolinos, which has long had a reputation for it. The 1960s and 1970s are credited with giving Torremolinos its reputation as a bohemian, carefree city with glitzy nightlife. The affluent and famous, beatniks and bohemians, and mass tourists that frequented the town’s nightclubs are all shown in Torremolinos’ fascinating past.

Despite ups and downs, Torremolinos boasts more diverse nightclubs than any other Costa del Sol resort in recent years. One of the more recent draws has been live entertainment, including live music in numerous venues and big events like the Rock and Roll Meeting and the Ruta del Rock.

Since the Plaza Costa del Sol became pedestrianized in December 2015, several new establishments have opened there, and the main area now exudes the vibe of the Mediterranean sidewalk cafĂ© society. Numerous free cultural events are presented at the “open-air theater” in the Plaza Costa del Sol throughout the year, which has evolved into the town’s focal point.

The Marina is situated in the middle of the coastal promenade, extending westward along the front of Benalmadena and eastward to Torremolinos. The marina is a lovely location for a stroll while taking in the yachts. There are a ton of taverns and eateries operating for lunch and dinner.

The artificial islands built into the middle of this marina improve the quantity of space and the number of moorings available. Small bridges connect the islands, which you may explore at your leisure.

The disco bars are highly well-liked in the late hours, so buying a Torremolinos property for sale puts you in the top places on the coast for nightlife. Thinking of Properties for sale in Spain and you love the South of Spain due to it benefits Torremolinos is a place to visit and check out.