Good lighting helps one look better, live better, and feel better at home. Without a proper lighting system, your home would look dull, boring, and depressed. Here are a few lighting mistakes that can happen in a house and tips to make it right.

Non-uniform Light in The Kitchen 

In a majority of the kitchen, more amounts of light falls on the floor in place of the countertops where it is needed the most. The addition of well-placed pendant lights or recessed lights, above islands, ensures that your kitchen gets uniform and proper light. 

Sofary Lighting offers beautiful lighting fixtures that instantly enhance the appeal of a place. These energy-efficient lighting systems come in a wide range of sizes and styles to choose from.

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Inadequate Bathroom Lighting

To get adequate light in the bathroom, use backstage makeup mirrors to place lights at face level. When placing the light at a vanity, avoid harsh light from the top that can create deep shadows below your chin and eyes. Use a double vanity with a triad of shaded wall sconces. It offers a soft radiance at the right height.

Lack of Sufficient Light in The Bedroom

A majority of bedrooms comes with a lighting layout. It features a ceiling fan placed in the central region of the room. It also has a recessed fixture that can easily light in different corners of the room. In place of an overhead lighting system, you can integrate light in regions that make the maximum sense. 

In place of recessed lights in every corner, you can use a set of strategically positioned recessed lights that are placed above the seating region. Place pendant lights on either side of the bed to get functional light to facilitate reading during the night time.

Improper Size of Lighting

Some homeowners find that their lighting is either very small or very big. This can be because you are fond of a specific lighting design but that is not of the right size. In other words, the lighting system you have to install fails to illuminate the room properly. 

Undersized fixtures may seem underwhelming, while fixtures appear very large over a room. Ensure that the fixture fits the decoration as well as the scale of the room. There are several rules, formulas, and guides to ensure you get adequate lighting in the room. 

Too Bright Lighting Fixture

Another common lighting mistake is the usage of several recessed lights. Too much brightness that results from this arrangement makes the place overzealous. It can give your living room/ hallway/ lobby look like a runway.

The best way to fix this issue is to form a lighting plan. Take time and reach out to a lighting specialist to figure out the project needs. An expert can guide you to plan for the appropriate number of lights considering the size of the space as well as the specifics of a light fixture.

Adding controls to your existing lights is a good way to control the intensity of the lights. Put the lights on separate switches or add a dimmer. This way, you can turn them on separately, and get better control over the amount of light that the lights disperse.


An impressive lighting plan can bring about the difference in a room. It can save from the discomforts that might be caused due to common lighting mistakes. Addressing common lighting mistakes ensures that your space is not left in the dark.