I’m back from the Milan Design Week 2022 with heaps of photos, videos and information to share with you. We start out nowadays with new shade tendencies I spotted in Milano.

Salone del Cell 2022 was all about colors. We noticed lots of diverse new color traits, and I’m pleased to say that surely we are heading to a lot more colourful houses. Basically, right after the pandemic and throughout this challenging historic period of time, we all want some far more color in our households.

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Color Trends from Milan Layout 7 days

#01 | Infant Blue



Let’s start these days with a colour that hs been in our radar for a when and that is still super on trend: Child Blue.

Baby blue” is a pale tint of light blue, section of the pastel hues. 

Pastel colors, in their transform, are a section of a loved ones of pale hues with high luminance and minimal saturation (i.e. intensity of colour). To get hold of a pastel color, incorporate white to a pure colour – whilst introducing grey or black to a pastel coloration, the consequence will be a colour less than the “pale” category.

To have an understanding of why the Infant Blue can be these a preferred shade just merge the by now fantastic emotions that blue conveys to the types delivered by pastel colours: joy, calmness, serenity, childness. 

Be influenced by Little one Blue color pattern in this hyperlink and delight in the new picture gallery from Salone del Cell & Fuorisalone 2022.




Color Tendencies 2023 from Milan Layout 7 days

#01 | Baby Blue




Zilio AC

Elle Decor







Best Tendencies 2023 Milan Style and design Week 2022:

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