What is the story on the new wave of magnet generators and their claim to be an option to convert your home to green energy. Proponents of magnet generators indicate that the generators create energy from the resistance that occurs when the positive and negative polls of magnets cause the magnets to spin. By spinning the magnets around a semi-conductor energy is produced. This technology is based on the myth of the “perpetual motion generator.” The only problem with this technology is that is does not work or produce energy.

The new supporters of this technology add a motor to aid in spinning the magnets but claim that the magnet generator produces energy because the device produces more energy than is required to spin the magnets. They further claim that a magnet generator can be built with parts costing less than $100. Now just consider if this technology actually worked as indicated and that for less than a $100 investment you could kiss your power company goodbye and generate all the energy needed to power, cool and heat your home for now and into the future – this would truly be a miracle. Unfortunately these devices just do not work. In truth it requires more energy to spin the magnets than the magnet generators produce. This is nothing but a scam.

However, there are valid options for converting your home to green energy. Many Americans today are turning to solar power or wind power to power their homes. The availability and lower cost of alternative energy parts and information make it very possible to complete a do-it-your self solar or wind powered home energy conversion. For example, individual 3 by 6 inch multi cryatalline silicon solar panels (the primary component of domestic solar panels) were previously priced at about $2.00 each but now can be readily purchased in quantity for under $0.70 each and these prices are trending even lower. There are also very complete and detailed step-by step guides for homeowners desiring to complete a alternative energy conversion.

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