Forex Bonus Deposit Dan 5 Hal Yang Wajib Anda Tahu

As you know, there are many brokers in the online market where millions of people invest their money with different online trading platforms. However, some brokers do scams with their clients. That’s why I’m gonna share the experience with the FXOpen no deposit bonus. So without further ado, let’s have a look;

The FXOpen No Deposit Bonus Experience

FXOpen offers a $10 no deposit bonus, which I was aware of because I had previously received one. Yes, the bonus has quite a long record and has lasted for a long time.

Because it had been so long, I requested one of my friends to go thru the registration process with me and provide me a step-by-step explanation of how to get the FXOpen $10 no deposit bonus. However, you must have to submit documents that have a list such as a utility bill as proof of residency.

Now, the documents should be in English, and because my friend’s document isn’t in English, they requested that he get it formally translated, which he informed me of, so I said no issue, I’d get someone else who can easily do registration.

He didn’t have any trouble doing so, but because he had not even read the instructions for application submission, he used to have to resubmit his documents in the right format. His documents were finally confirmed, and he earned the $10 reward from FXOpen. 

$1 Welcome Bonus (Micro)

Aside from the bonus of $10 no deposit, FXOpen offers a new customer bonus when they sign up the first time.

  • They may be rewarded with a $1 welcome offer or a no-deposit bonus.
  • The bonus is gained similarly to the $10 bonus, with some variations.
  • For instance, grade 2 verification is not required to obtain this $1 bonus, that simply implies your documents do not have to be confirmed.

You simply require grade 1 verification, which would be phone number verification. Furthermore, the account type differs from the $10 bonus.

If you wish to obtain the $1 welcome bonus, you must first register an ewallet and have your phone number confirmed, then you must open a micro account with FXOpen.

Moreover, when you trading with a micro account, for example, your trades should remain open for the last several minutes, however when working with an STP account, it might be as little as a few seconds.

Other significant distinctions between such two types of accounts include the minimum lot size, which would be 0.0001 in micro accounts, as well as stop out and margin requirements.

Final Thoughts

Even though FXOpen $10 no deposit bonus looks insignificant when compared to many of its competitors, the terms and restrictions that must be met in order to receive the profit are better than those of other no deposit offers.

There are no restrictions else than trading two ordinary amounts. However, the method of verification and the format of required documents are maybe the most unfavorable elements.

For instance, I believe it is the one that requires taking a photo with your ID or which requires an official translation if the documents are not even in English. Apart from that, the majority of the terms and restrictions seem to be reasonable and realistic, showing that the FXOpen no deposit bonus is not a fraud.